Our Art

Due to its roots in a rebel's cause to overthrow the Ching dynasty and to restore the Ming dynasty, Wing Tsun was a martial arts system that was designed to be learnt in in a short period of time. Compared to some of the other southern martial arts styles with numerous forms and weapons, the entirety of the Wing Tsun system is captured in 6 forms and groups of chi sau sets. There are 3 empty hand forms (Siu Nim Tau “小念头, Chum Kiu “寻桥” and Biu Tze 标指”), a wooden dummy form (Mok Yan Jong “木人樁”) and 2 weapons forms (Luk Dim Poon Gwun “六点半棍”and Baat Jum Dao 八斩刀”).

        Chi Sau Sets
       Weapon Forms