Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) Form

Mok Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) 木人樁

This might be an empty-hand form, but it is practised with a piece of equipment called the Wooden Dummy.
It is usually taught to a student after that student has learnt Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Tze. The Wooden Dummy form combines the techniques from the 3 empty-hand forms into a sequence of movements which are then performed on the wooden dummy.
Contrary to popular belief, performing techniques on the wooden dummy is not just for the purposes of conditioning and toughening the Wing Tsun practitioner’s limbs. It teaches students the concepts of body unity, generating power, releasing power and changing the centerline with respect to an opponent. When performing this form, one should concentrate on perfecting the structure of one’s techniques, delivering energy into the dummy, moving fluidly around the limbs of an opponent and transforming from one technique to another.